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Whether its sticky dumplings from China or scorching curries from Thailand, we know Irish consumers are always looking to spice up their dining experiences – and it’s never been more important to cater for their increasingly international palates. That’s why we’re delighted to be launching our brand new World Food product range – boasting more than 400 exciting products from around the world including China, Thailand and Japan. You’ll now be able to choose from some of the world’s leading brands, such as Lee Kum Kee, Mae Ploy and a host of other worldwide favourites. We’re your one-stop shop for chilled and frozen products, rice and noodles, produce and packaging – and a whole lot more.


无论是中国的软糯的水饺,还是泰国的热咖喱,我们深知爱尔兰人总是希望能够为餐桌上的食物增添一抹亮色,因而满足他们日益国际化的口味需求变得空前重要。因此,我们非常高兴的宣布我们将推出全新的全球食品系列——来自中国、泰国和日本等地的全球 400 多种振奋人心的食品。您现在可以从全球顶尖品牌中挑选喜爱的食物,例如李锦记、泰娘(Mae Ploy)及其他众多全球最受欢迎的品牌。我们为您提供一站式服务,涵盖冷冻食品、米面、农产品和包装等多个类.


Meet the Team 团队介绍

We’ve assembled a world-class World Food team, with experience in partnering with customers in the World Food business. They have an impeccable knowledge of product range, global food trends, innovation and profitability.


Jasmine profile picture

Jasmine Pan

Head of World Food 全球食品负责人

t: 087 621 6434

Mikko profile picture

Mikko Wong

World Food Business Development Manager - Ireland South and West 全球食品业务发展经理—— 爱尔兰南部及西部区域

t: 087 769 1265

Liu profile picture

Liu Jian

World Food Business Development Manager – Ireland East 全球食品业务发展经理

t: 087 315 4617

Cherry profile picture

Cherry Lam

World Food Business Development Manager 全球食品客服

t: 087 184 8938

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