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Sign Up to our NEW Online Ordering Site

The benefits of online ordering are:

  • All products priced
  • Order at your convenience
  • See stock levels of all products
  • Accessible on mobile, tablet and desktop

Please submit online ordering requests through the form at the link

Please note that you must have a Staff Sales Ordering Account to avail of online ordering.

General Staff Sales FAQ’s

Do I need to do anything if I already have a staff sales account?
No, you do not need to do anything different. At this stage you need to submit your email address and staff number to begin the process of setting up an online ordering account.

How do I set up a staff sales account if I don’t have an account already?
The steps involved in availing of the Staff Purchase Scheme are as follows:

  1. An application is made through the Accounts department to open a personal account. The terms of this personal account empower the company to deduct any outstanding balance directly from your bank. A form to this effect will be signed by the employee. Any employee who does not comply with this condition will be excluded from the Staff Purchase Scheme.
  2. Once this has been processed, an order can be placed.
  3. This order is processed and an invoice printed.
  4. The goods are then paid for by weekly direct debit and can be collected from the Dispatch Store once the invoice has been stamped as collected.
  5. Employees who have terminated their employment are expected to clear their account prior to leaving.
  6. This scheme is designed to be of benefit of all employees. If the scheme is judged as being abused then the company reserves the right to withdraw the scheme from use.

How do I pay for staff sales online?
Accounts are set up as weekly Direct Debit meaning transactions from Monday to Friday of week 1 are applied for the following Wednesday (week 2) to hit the bank the Monday after week 3. The company reserves the right to initiate disciplinary action in the event of accounts not being paid in a timely fashion.

Can I pay for my staff sales online using a credit card?
No, it is currently not possible to pay for staff sales online using a credit card.

Are SDS sales available online?
No, SDS sales will go through the current order process.

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