Pride 2022 at Sysco - Sysco

Pride month celebrates and supports our Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender colleagues and community.

Sysco have teamed up with the VHI to bring you a fantastic series of webinars. Click on the links below to register your place.


How to Support LGBTQI+ Employees in the Workplace

Wednesday June 8th @ 11.00am (1 hour duration)

Register your place here.

Among any group there will be a range of people with a range of sexualities and genders. This variation is often described using the image of a Rainbow to demonstrate that sexual orientation and gender identity can be more than one or other type. This training program considers how to create a positive work environment where difference is understood and respected. It touches on the subject form a common humanity perspective, with dogma. The program is interactive and covers a wide range of topics in an hour.

Participants will

•Discuss how stress affects our health and day-to-day lives

•Learn the meaning of being “present” and in the moment

•Learn the physical and mental health benefits of mindfulness practices

Oliver Callan Shares

Wednesday June 22nd @ 12.30pm (45min duration)

Register your place here.

Webinar number: 27323912954    Password: Wellness2022

Join Oliver Callan, comedian and voice actor, as he shares his personal story of growing up gay in Ireland. Oliver is best known for his sharp parodies of national and international political, social and entertainment figures. His acerbic wit and talent for mimicry has made him a household name as well as a respected commentator and writer.

Pride Bingo

Thursday 30th June @ 7pm (1 hour duration)

Register your place here.

Pride Bingo is a high energy online party experience with an exciting twist on bingo. The standard bingo format has been replaced by much-loved music clips and party games.

Instead of your boring old numbers being called out in a normal game of bingo, we’ve replaced them with 15-20 seconds bursts of the most toe-tappin’, bum wigglin’ sing along songs from the past and present. All music is provided by our online MC/DJ.

The numbers on the digital bingo cards have been replaced with artists and song name. So with your bingo card in hand and finger at the ready listen out for the songs being played and mark them off as you would a normal game of bingo. The freestyle element of our MC doing random interactive party games in between rounds really adds to the fun.

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