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Gluten Free Burger


We are delighted to announce that all our burgers are now Gluten Free.

With a market growth of 25% year on year, the ‘gluten free customer’ presents a real opportunity for increased sales.

Maximise this market with our quality gluten free burgers.

Beef Burgers
36 x 113g per Case
€18.95 / £16.30 Per Case

Beef Burgers
36 x 170g per Case
€28.80 / £24.75 Per Case

Beef Burgers
36 x 227g per Case
€38.00 / £32.70 Per Case

Hereford Irish Beef Burgers
24 x 168g per Case
€29.50 / £25.35 Per Case

Hereford Irish Beef Burgers
16 x 227g per Case
€25.90 / £22.25 Per Case

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