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Discount Conditions

  • The Sysco Foods NI Ltd terms and conditions shall continue to apply to all sales of Products (as such terms are defined therein), including (without limitation) all such sales as may be made pursuant to or in connection with this promotion. This includes (without limitation) all terms and conditions relating to returns, payment and credit.
  • Sysco Foods NI Ltd may at any time, cancel, terminate, modify, supplement, extend or revise any and all provisions of this promotion as it may deem appropriate (in its sole and absolute discretion). Without limitation, Sysco Foods NI Ltd may do so by giving notice on this website. Sysco Foods NI Ltd accepts no liability for any cancellation, termination, modification, supplementation, extension or revision of this promotion (or any part thereof).
  • Subject to the exclusions set out in these terms and conditions, this promotion comprises a 10% (ten percent) discount on the net amount (before VAT) of orders valued at £130 or higher. The discount shall be applied at checkout.
  • To qualify for this promotion, customers of Sysco Foods NI Ltd must have an active online ordering account by midnight 25th April 2021.
  • This promotion is valid only for qualifying orders placed on the Sysco Foods NI Ltd website between 27th April – 7th May 2021 (inclusive) for deliveries between 28th April – 8th May 2021 (inclusive).
  • This promotion cannot be used: by customers who do not qualify for the promotion; on orders that do not qualify for the promotion; on orders for less than a net amount of £130 (before VAT); on orders placed after 7th May 2021 and/or for orders for delivery after 8th May 2021; and/or by customers who are deemed to be in arrears with their applicable credit terms with Sysco Foods NI Ltd.
  • If the customer does not pay the discounted amount of the order within the applicable period for payment, Sysco Foods NI Ltd reserves the right to cancel the promotion and the discount in respect of that order. In such circumstances, by giving notice in writing to the customer to that effect, the full amount of the order shall be payable.
  • In the event of any product returns the credit associated with the product will only amount to the payment made for the product at the time of purchase.
  • For new customers, eligibility criteria and market sector exclusions apply in respect of this promotion. Please contact your local Area Sales Manager for further information. Where Sysco Foods NI Ltd is (in its sole and absolute discretion) satisfied with the information provided, the new customer shall be notified of that approval and the terms and conditions set out and/or referred to herein shall apply.
  • This promotion shall not be available to customers of Sysco Foods NI Ltd that are deemed to be in arrears with their applicable credit terms with Sysco Foods NI Ltd.
  • This promotion and these terms and conditions shall be governed by Irish law and any disputes will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Ireland.
  • By using this promotion, you are indicating your agreement to be bound by these terms and conditions.

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