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Menu Planning


We want to help our customers grow their businesses and maximise profitability. We have a talented team of chefs that make this possible. Our development chefs can help you examine your current operations and identify improvements or changes which could help drive your business forward.

Our development chefs will become familiar with your business, evaluate your customer base and develop an understanding of the challenges and opportunities that occur every day. They will use their expertise to work with you, helping to develop a strategy enabling your business to succeed.

Sysco has worked with many customers through our development chefs to achieve goals and make them more competitive within the industry. Our talented team could help you become more competitive also. This could involve reviewing and altering your menus with regards to changing content, product inclusion/exclusion, restructured design or working with you with regards to costs and margins to revamp your pricing structure.

Our chefs have proven themselves to be invaluable time and time again. Through their expertise they are able to identify waste and inefficiency, while implementing procedures to tackle them and also drive down costs in the process. They are heavily involved in portion control, staff training (including speciality training on how to effectively prepare and present Sysco products), on-site supervision and consultation while you put your new ideas into action.

Our menu analysis generates information to help identify your menu’s top gross–profit items and adds consistency to your presentation by tracking portions, ingredients and recipes. The bottom line is: more profit for you, and the satisfaction of a job well done for us.

Please contact your Sysco Sales Representative or email to find out how you can avail of this service and rely on our experience to help bring your plans to fruition.

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