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Orien Bites

OrienBites proactively select raw materials in order to create healthier products. They believe that a qualitative product is the result of the use of right raw materials combined with a production process above standards. All our factories are BRC/IFS and HACCP certified.

  • The OrienBites products are free from MSG (E621) and other artificial flavours. Monosodium glutamate is an artificial taste enhancer often used in Asian food products, which is harmful for our general health.
  • Orien Bitesdo not use  Sodium Tripolyphosphat or STTP (E451) for their fish and shrimp products. STTP (Na5P3O10) is an inorganic compound used to soak shrimp and fish with water in order to become a bigger and heavier product than it was originally. This chemical process makes the shrimp very watery, tasteless and reduces the crispiness of the shrimp.
  • OrienBites products are 100% artificial colouring free.
  • Orien Bites avoid any use of palm oil in a general way. If palm oil is indispensable in our recipe, only RSPO palm oil is used.





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