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Innocent Super Juice Range

Innocent has launched a new super juice range that gives drinkers a delicious tasting functional juice boosted with vitamins, giving them added health benefits when they need it most.

Super juices are delicious tasting functional juices with added health benefits. Their name emphasises that these drinks are packed full of nutrients and good stuff. Our super juices are packed with fruit and vegetables and are a great tasting source of vitamins B2, B3, B6 to help reduce tiredness and fatigue. They also contains vitamins C & E which are important antioxidants. So swap your winter blues for winter reds, oranges and greens with new innocent super juice.

The three new fruit-filled flavours are:

Wonder Green – Apple, Pear and Cucumber and a hint of Ginger (Z341921) – Using a mix of apple, pear and cucumber topped off with a hint of ginger. This magic combination leaves you feeling ready for the day ahead.

Super Juice with Raspberry & Cherries with Goji Berries (Z341920) – Mixing of raspberries, cherries, boosted with goji berries. Perfectly blended with vitamins which can help reduce tiredness and fatigue.

Super Juice with Oranges and Blood Oranges with Acerola Cherries (Z341919)- Oranges and blood oranges, with acerola cherries blended in, this super juice not only tastes great but is packed with vitamins to keep your body fighting fit.
Now available through our ordering portal.

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