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Unlike anything else on the market, Bridor So Moelleux (“So Soft”) are sandwich breads which combine THE LOOK OF A TRADITIONAL FRENCH BREAD with their scoring and light dusting of flour & THE TEXTURE OF BREAD EATEN IN IRELAND, THE UK AND THE US (sliced loaves and burger buns) with their extra-thin crust and soft crumb.

A new range providing lunchtime variety, full of new discoveries! So Moelleux is a brand new solution to help you stand out from the crowd and liven up your offer with high-impact breads. The colours and strong visuals make them great for seasonal events and rotations such as “sandwich of the month”. Easy to Bake – 6-8 minutes at 180 – 200C from frozen.

There are 5 varieties to help you meet your customer’s expectations:

Multiseed sandwich bread 100g – with Sunflower, poppy, millet, sesame, golden flax and brown flax seeds. Great with a traditional chicken salad.
Two Olive and Thyme Sandwich bread 100g – with Green & black olives for more character and thyme to enhance the flavour. A must have for some Mediterranean flavour.
Fig Sandwich Bread 100g – with generous pieces of moist fig and rye flour which brings out the flavour of the figs.
Buckwheat Sandwich Bread 100g – Buckwheat flour for a rustic coloured crumb and distinctive taste. Topped with roasted buckwheat for a touch of crunch. Perfect with goats cheese.
Pesto Sandwich Bread 100g – with basil which provides a wonderfully fresh green to brighten the plate and add interest. Ideal for a distinctive Tomato and Mozzarella!


3 top tips to boost your sandwich sales!

Good Quality Bread

The choice of bread is often treated as a secondary factor although it is the key to attracting customers to the point of sale as it’s the first ingredient they see! Chosen well, it will brighten up window displays and recipes, and even become a key ingredient in speciality sandwiches.

Quality of the Fillings

Next, consumers are very aware of the quality of the fillings: the ingredients should be fresh and bursting with flavour. They also pay increasing attention to the sustainable source of the ingredients (local if possible) and whether or not they are in season.

Add Variety to Your Menu

Apart from the obligatory ham and butter or chicken salad fillings, you should try out more daring and imaginative recipes, adding variety to your menu by following your inspiration and tailoring it to your type of customers, your location and the seasons!



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